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  • Station-to-station or cloud-based sharing distribution
  • Easy sharing across stations (even with a variety of archive brands)
  • Stores shared formats natively
  • Automatically stores thumbnail, browser, script, rundown, and full bandwidth to each story
  • Media Asset Management software

DBI Archive Sharing provides effortless sharing of archived material across multiple stations – even when the stations use alternative archives.

DBI Archive Sharing unites the stations in the group via a cache computer with databases, thumbnails, browsers, scripts and rundowns as well as the full bandwidth material that can be searched and filtered according to facility, keyword, date, etc…   When the desired material is located in the archive of a sister facility, it can be pulled along with the accompanying metadata for editing, airing and/or archiving locally. The operator can even do a partial restore by defining in and out points and pulling over just the part of the material desired.

When a breaking news story occurs that all the stations will want, it can be distributed simultaneously over the cloud to all stations in a single push step.

DBI Archive Sharing unites your stations into one cohesive group and creates an immense archive readily available to all.

Search Local MediaVault


Open Search to MediaVault group sharing and filter according to station, keyword, date, etc…




Private Cloud Sharing

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