MediaFire Baseband


Powerful Cost-Effective Automated Master Control


  • Processes  multiple file types
  • Instantaneous and automatic transfer of syndicated programming from PitchBlue and PathFire. No prep required – programs already segmented
  • Handles multiple file types:
    • DV
    • AVC
    • MPEG-2
    • MPEG-4
    • MOV
  • Automation built into server hardware provides operational and cost efficiencies
  • Conforming engine with automatic audio normalization
  • No preview channel required
  • Powerful asset management
  • Content sharing and viewing via network with standard Windows tools
  • Preview on desktop
  • Edit last-minute events quickly and easily
  • Clear warning of errors or conflicts
  • Built-in server redundancies for on-air protection
  • Interface with your traffic system for automatic schedule download and reconciliation

Digital Broadcast’s MediaFire Automated Master Control System automates an entire master control operation from ingest through playout through reconciliation with the traffic department. With automation built into the video server hardware, MediaFire controls the playout of programming and spots as well as all master control equipment, including routers, switchers, logo inserters, etc.

The MediaFire is able to encode and decode in real-time multiple file types including DV, AVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV and others.

Receiving and prepping syndicated programming has never been easier or faster. MediaFire with its direct interfaces to PitchBlue and Pathfire eliminates the time and work of preparing syndicated content for air. Syndicated programming received from PitchBlue or Pathfire is transferred to the MediaFire automatically. Once on the MediaFire, it can be played directly to air using MediaFire’s integral automation application. It’s virtually effortless – the syndicated material is already prepped and ready to air.

Content transfer is amazingly fast and MediaFire plays the content natively without the need to unwrap, transcode or rewrap the MPEG2 files, saving time and insuring the highest quality playback.

MediaFire Automation provides all the functions needed to run a seamless, trouble-free schedule. It provides automatic audio normalization. Error warnings are issued to alert of missing media, time conflicts and other issues that could interfere with the schedule. Last-minute changes and join-in-progress functions are straight-forward and easy to make.

MediaFire Automation

  • User-friendly screens provide easy monitoring and revising of on-air playlist
  • Download playlists from Traffic or create manually
  • Clear and easy monitoring of playlist events
  • Edit last-minute events quickly and easily
  • Clear warning of errors or conflicts
  • Plays default material in case of missing media

MediaFire Segmenter


  • Provides I, B, or P frame-accurate trimming
  • Runs on any desktop ccomputer
  • Metadata is saved and can be shared with other stations
  • The shared metadata can be overlaid on the other stations’ raw program that is then automatically prepped for air
  • Unique time-saving Bag and Tag feature allows users to mark show with graphic overlays

MediaFire Automated Scheduled Record

Schedule and automatically record satellite feeds or other content

  • Captures program based on PIDs
  • User selects Program IDs via time-of-day schedule
  • Ingest compressed ASI and Ethernet directly from satellite receivers
  • No decoding to baseband
  • Easy monitoring of record status

MediaFire Conforming Engine brings in content from anywhere

MediaFire Baseband - Conforming Engine diagram

  • Connects to and downloads content from FTP server
  • Controls bitrate
  • Controls audio normalization
  • HD/SD compatible
  • MPEG-2, H.264, .MPEG, .MXF, GFX, AVI, .MOV, AVC


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