Digital Broadcast’s MediaView provides continuous recording of off-air feeds and enables the reviewing of the material from any access-permitted desktop computer.

Storing up to a year’s worth of off-air feeds per station, MediaView provides quick search capability plus easy recording of defined segments for email attachments. It can also provide simultaneous comparison of multiple station off-air feeds.

continuous recording of off-air feeds

  • On-going recording of off-air feeds
  • Use to monitor for silence and black
  • MPEG4, H.264, WMV
  • Review material from web browser
  • Displays closed captioning
  • Store a year of off-air feeds per station
  • Offers variable data rates up to broadcast quality
  • Simultaneous comparison of multiple stations
  • User definable alarms
  • Search by date and time stamp
  • Step and/or scrub forward or backward
  • Create a clip with mark in/mark out points
  • Publish to the Web
  • Attach clip-mail
  • Save clip on DVD
  • Monitor multiple stations locally or from remote location

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