Our New Feature-Rich Ingest System for News

The 4-Channel Ingest Server Is Designed to Streamline News Operations

GAINESVILLE, FL, January 20, 2015 – DBi Digital Broadcast announced today it is delivering a new 4-channel ingest system designed specifically to facilitate the workflow of broadcast news operations at a highly cost efficient price.

The NewsBank Ingest Server records up to four channels simultaneously in 1080i, 720p and/or 480i resolution. The four channels are switchable between HDSDI and SDSDI and the system can auto-sense/switch based on the input source.

The NewsBank Ingest System captures material as MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 or MFX. Records can be automatic, manual or continuous. Continuous records can be seamlessly segmented in manageable file sizes.

A major advantage of the News Portal is its “Live Log” feature giving an operator the ability to access and log actively recording content. Metadata from Live Log can automatically be sent as email.

Preview of active inputs is provided via thumbnail proxy.

The system provides built-in router control and provides conflict resolution to avoid scheduling records on the same channel or using the same encoder at the same time.

The NewsBank Ingest System features a console interface for engineering/maintenance and a straight-forward web browser interface for daily operations. The web browser interface displays the status of all four channels, thumbnails of the input videos and the current and upcoming schedule. The web browser also provides the ability to route inputs, start and stop records, create, modify and delete scheduled jobs. It also allows the operator to search, review, trim, and copy continuous records and currently recording content.