Optical Storage For Broadcast Archiving With DISC Gmbh

Partnership Will Provide Economical Storage Medium for Digital Broadcast’s MediaVault Archiving System

Gainesville, FL, December 5, 2005 – Digital Broadcast today announced it has entered into an agreement with DISC GmbH of Bingen, Germany whereby Digital Broadcast will sell DISC’s NSM and PDD/BD Series storage systems as part of its MediaVault© line of mass storage devices for broadcast archiving.

Digital Broadcast offers its MediaVault to television stations for near-line mass storage of commercial and news programming files. Offered as a stand-alone solution for the archiving of broadcast media files, the MediaVault is also an advantageous adjunct to Digital Broadcast’s MediaFire© Automated Master Control and NewsBank© Automated Newsroom Systems.

Utilizing the metadata contained in each video file, the MediaVault offers high-speed search capability of even huge indexes of stored files. Searched files can be clicked and played on access-permitted desktop computers.

DISC’s PDD/BD Series utilizes Professional Disc for DATA and Blu-ray blue laser technology, optical technology with extremely high performance and data density. Available in read-only and read-write formats, Blu-ray disks offer up to 50GB per media and storage libraries up to 35 TB of data and up to 14 parallel data streams with 72Mbps each.

“Our partnership with DISC augments our line of master control and newsroom automation products very well,” says John Davis, C.E.O. of Digital Broadcast. “It provides an economical solution to broadcasters who need extensive but quickly-accessible libraries of their archive material.”

“DISC’s blue laser PDD/BD libraries with capacities up to 35TB and pricing at 2US$ per GB offer a new dimension in direct access archives. The technology offers high data density in optical storage as well as read/write compatibility with existing technology like DVD,” says Horst Schellong, Managing Director of the DISC US office. “Digital Broadcast and DISC have teamed up to offer these exciting technologies to the open systems broadcasting market. The roadmap all the way to 200GB/media offers a much needed opportunity in the broadcast market to replace non-standardized and sequential archive storage technology.”

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST offers a premier line of program and news automation control products for a broad range of applications within the broadcast television industry, including master control automation, news automation, station centralization, disaster recovery systems, on-air verification and archiving. Its MediaFire and NewsBank product lines include frame-accurate, long GOP MPEG-2 and DV editing software, video servers and automated control systems. Digital Broadcast’s servers systems feature a highly effective design in which automation is totally integrated with system hardware, resulting in significant performance and cost advantages. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Digital Broadcast maintains regional offices on the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest and the East Coast. Telephone: 352-377-8344; www.digitalbcast.com.

About DISC GmbH

For 15 years and with more than 20,000 systems installed worldwide, DISC is recognized as one of the leading and innovative optical data storage suppliers. DISC customers represent a ‘who’s who’ of industry, commerce and institutions worldwide. The Company’s unique and patented robotics with their unequaled access speeds is accepted to be among the most reliable and fastest available in the market today. DISC GmbH is headquartered in Bingen, Germany, its USA office is located in Cupertino, CA; T: 408.727.0620, SalesUS@disc-gmbh.com , www.disc-gmbh.com.