Digital Broadcast and Pathfire™ Partner to Develop Integrated Automation and Video File Server for a Complete Play-to-Air Server

Digital media management experts collaborate to develop direct-to-air solution for syndicated programming

ATLANTA, Ga. and GAINESVILLE, Fl. August 30, 2004 – Pathfire™, Inc., the leading provider of digital content distribution and management solutions for the broadcast industry, announced today, in collaboration with Digital Broadcast, a premier provider of automated newsroom and master control equipment for television broadcast, the general availability of the MediaFire Server. The MediaFire Server uses a direct interface to the Pathfire™ Receive Server installed at more than 1100 broadcast facilities in North America to receive and play to air syndicated programming with no intervening manual tasks or equipment.

“Because the MediaFire accepts Pathfire™-delivered content in its native format, it eliminates the time-consuming dubbing and encoding processes and enables near-immediate availability of content and metadata. Now the entire process is dramatically streamlined for optimum hands-free efficiency and ease,” said Joe Fabiano, Pathfire™ co-chief technical officer.

Available as a 2-output, 100-hour system or a 4-output, 200-hour system with either analog or digital outputs, the MediaFire can play two to four programs simultaneously. Using the integrated playout functionality, it can transfer programs while playing to air concurrently. MediaFire also links to traffic and billing systems, eliminating the need to acquire external automation. Additionally, the MediaFire can be connected directly to the existing play-to-air automation and asset management systems using industry-standard VDCP control.

“This partnership between Digital Broadcast and Pathfire™ to develop the MediaFire demonstrates our mutual commitment to innovating content automation solutions for broadcast facilities,” said John Davis, Digital Broadcast C.E.O. “With the nearly instant transfer of syndication programming directly to air, the content management process is simplified, resulting in increased efficiency as well as time and cost savings for broadcasters.”

The MediaFire expands on the Digital Broadcast suite of solutions for supporting Pathfire™-delivered content that enables newsroom personnel to automatically move news content directly to Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank News Servers. There, the files can be edited in native MPEG-2 format and sent directly to air, retaining original content quality and avoiding any degradation.

Digital Broadcast

Digital Broadcast (, headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, offers a premier line of digital editing and automation control products for a broad range of applications within the broadcast television industry, including news editing and playback, ad insertion, infomercials/local origination and programming. Its MediaFire and NewsBank product lines include frame-accurate, long GOP MPEG-2 and DV editing software, video servers and automated control systems.


Pathfire™ (www.Pathfire™.com), headquartered in Atlanta, is the leading provider of digital content distribution and management solutions for the broadcast television industry, supplying innovative digital solutions, from distribution to air, for broadcasters, news organizations, television networks, Hollywood studios and other media companies. Through its advanced digital IP store-and-forward platform, Pathfire™ delivers news stories, syndicated programming, commercial spots, public service announcements and video news releases to more than 1,100 broadcasters throughout North America.