Easing the Syndicated Programming Workload for ComCorp

Automatic Transfer from Pathfire™® Provides Ready-ToAir Programming

Gainesville, FL, July 15, 2005 – Digital Broadcast, a leading producer of master control and newsroom automation products, recently completed delivery of its MediaFire Broadcast Servers to the ComCorp stations located throughout the U.S. Using MediaFire, the ComCorp stations will greatly reduce the time and labor involved in processing syndicated programming.

The MediaFire Broadcast Server provides a direct interface with Pathfire™® to instantaneously receive and air syndicated programming from the Pathfire™ Receive Server. Programming received via satellite into the Pathfire™ server is automatically transferred to the MediaFire. The syndicated material is already prepped and ready to air with no requirement to segment the programming or transfer it to baseband for processing.

ComCorp’s syndicated programming is aired directly by the MediaFire, using MediaFire’s integral automation. MediaFire’s interface to ComCorp’s traffic and billing systems provide the schedules for the automatic playout of the programs.

Several of ComCorp’s MediaFire systems have been expanded to fully automate their master control operations with Digital Broadcast’s MediaFire Ingest Servers, Automated Scheduled Record of satellite and tape inputs, and automated control of routers, switchers and other devices. These totally networked components provide a completely integrated automation package for the ComCorp stations.

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST offers a premier line of program and news automation control products for a broad range of applications within the broadcast television industry, including news editing and playback, programming, ad insertion, and infomercials/ local origination. Its MediaFire and NewsBank product lines include frame-accurate, long GOP MPEG-2 and DV editing software, video servers and automated control systems. Digital Broadcast’s servers systems feature a highly effective design in which automation is totally integrated with system hardware, resulting in significant performance and cost advantages. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Digital Broadcast maintains regional offices on the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest and the East Coast.