Digital Broadcast Features NewsBank News and MediaFire Automated Master Control Server Systems at NAB 2004

Gainesville, FL, April 23, 2004 – Digital Broadcast, featured its NewsBank News and MediaFire Automated Master Control systems at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas April 19-22, 2004.

News Bank News integrates with newsroom computer systems to provide a totally integrated news/production environment. It features NewsEdit software, which offers I, P or B frame-accurate MPEG-2 effects editing as well as frame-accurate DV editing so that news stories can be ingested and edited and aired without having to transcode to baseband video. NewsBank offers an interface with Avid iNEWs as well as a complete bi-directional MOS interface.

Of particular interest was Digital Broadcast’s interface with Pathfire™, which provides a direct digital interchange between Pathfire™ and Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank servers for news content and MediaFire servers for syndicated programming.

Also highlighted at NAB was the MediaFire On-Air Server System, Digital Broadcast’s powerful broadcast system that provides encoding and random access streaming for MPEG and DV material. Featured as well will be the server’s integral Media Bank Automation, automated playlist handling that, unlike external automation systems, takes advantage of server random access and file handling technology.

Augmenting the On-Air Server is Media Bank Automated Scheduled Record for automatically recording satellite and other inputs.

Another featured product was the MediaFire Segmenter Prep Station including software that allows the user to browse an MPEG-2 file and trim or remove segments from it without having to uncompress the material. The unique Segmenter performs frame-accurate edits on I, P or B frames in long or short GOP MPEG-2 format. This feature-rich software editor runs on desktop or notebook computers and is ideal for trimming newsclips and satellite-transmitted MPEG material and for segmenting batch-encoded files.

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST, headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, offers a premier line of digital editing and automation control products for a broad range of applications within the broadcast television industry, including news editing and playback, ad insertion, infomercials/ local origination and programming. Its MediaFire and NewsBank product lines include frame-accurate, long GOP MPEG-2 and DV editing software, video servers and automated control systems.