Introducing MediaFire DUB HD

DUB Station Dubs Both HD and SD Syndicated Programming from Pathfire™ Server

GAINESVILLE, FL; May 5, 2008 – Digital Broadcast announced today that it has launched the new MediaFire DUB HD system, which provides the ability to dub both HD and SD syndicated programming off the Pathfire™ DMG server. Designed in collaboration with Pathfire™, the MediaFire Dub HD was constructed as an integral component of the Pathfire™ delivery system and totally integrates into Pathfire™’s dub service architecture.

“MediaFire Dub HD is the fundamental solution to the broadcast industry’s HD syndication requirement,” said J.T. Davis, chief operations officer. “Digital Broadcast is pleased to work with Pathfire™ on this project, and that we continue to create and develop a variety of solutions for the broadcast industry.”

“Digital Broadcast has been a valuable partner for creating and implementing an effortless means of transferring programming to tape or to servers,” said Mike Connell, Pathfire™ product manager. “MediaFire Dub HD provides a solution to stations receiving HD syndicated content via Pathfire™ that utilize a video-based workflow. ”

With a simple drag and drop operation, the syndicated programming from the DMG Server transfers directly to the MediaFire Dub HD so that it is immediately available for dubbing to tape or to an existing server system. Files transfer across via gigabit ethernet in their native format. No transcoding is required. The user can select the output to be either 1080i or 720p HD or 480i SD. The MediaFire Dub HD also preserves 600 and 708 closed-captioning and passes AC3 bitstream.

The MediaFire Dub HD also offers an easy upgrade path to the MediaFire HD automated server system. With MediaFire HD the programming is played directly to air according to an integral schedule provided via an interface with the station’s traffic and billing system. The MediaFire HD system automatically and virtually instantaneously transfers HD syndicated programming from the Pathfire™ server. Each syndicated program is automatically prepped frame accurately using the attached metadata. It is ready for playout without requiring format “flipping” or additional processing and with no degradation of the HD material.

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST offers a premier line of broadcast program and news automation control products including master control automation, newsroom automation, automated media delivery transference, on-air verification, disaster recovery, archiving, and broadcast centralization. Digital Broadcast products feature totally integrated hardware and software and interfaces to the full range of existing station equipment and services. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Digital Broadcast maintains regional offices on the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and the Northeast.

About DG FastChannel / Pathfire™, Inc.

Pathfire™ is owned by DG FastChannel (DGIT: Nasdaq) the leading provider of next generation workflow solutions, digital media technology and delivery services to America’s most esteemed brands. The Company’s delivery network reaches over 21,000 television and radio stations, cable and TV networks, cable outlets and newspapers. DG FastChannel’s service and proprietary product set are integrated to provide content providers and broadcasters end-to-end digital solutions that maximize efficiency while reducing costs. DG FastChannel’s advanced capabilities include online delivery of high-definition (HD) content, re-purposing of broadcast video for the Internet, management of digital assets, and ubiquitous satellite and Internet reach resulting in the industry’s highest levels of reliability, speed and quality.

Pathfire™, headquartered in Atlanta, is the leading provider of digital content distribution and management solutions for the broadcast, media and entertainment industries, supplying innovative digital solutions, from distribution to air, for broadcasters, news organizations, television networks, Hollywood studios and other media companies. Pathfire™’s Digital Media GatewayT (DMG) is an advanced digital IP store-and-forward platform, delivering news stories, syndicated programming, advertising spots, and video news releases to more than 1,400 broadcasters. Pathfire™ DMG and the associated workflow tools are available on over 10,000 PC desktops throughout the world.