Award-Winning Spot Commander and New MediaFire IP Enhancements at NAB 2012

GAINESVILLE, FL, April 19, 2012– Digital Broadcast introduced its new Spot Commander, a web-based system for transferring spots directly from an advertising client to a station.  The spots are automatically formatted, audio normalized and ready to air.  The product earned a TV Technology Star Award for Superior Technology at the show.

Spot Commander provides complete processing and transferring of local FTP spots from outside advertisers to a television station, ready for playout, thus freeing station personnel from the time and labor of preparing and correcting local advertisers’ ads for playout.

Station advertising clients submit ads via a Digital Broadcast submission website, mark the conversion look, and Spot Commander does the rest.   Using station-defined parameters Spot Commander corrects file errors.  Any irreparable or corrupt files are emailed back to the client for revision and resubmittal.  Once the file passes Spot Commander’s Video Analyzer, it is converted to the station’s format preference for play out.  At the same time, audio is automatically is normalized.

Also featured at the Digital Broadcast NAB booth were enhancements to Digital Broadcast’s Master Control IT solution.  The MediaFire IP Graphics Engine creates unique IP MPEG2 or MPEG4 overlay graphics on Digital Broadcast’s MediaFire IP system.  It supports crawls, scrolls, snipes, logos, animated sequences and weather graphics.  The IP MultiViewer offers the convenience of monitoring up to 10 outputs simultaneously on a single display.