See Our Extensive Product Line at NAB 2007

Roster to Include On-Air Verification Recorder, Disaster Recovery System and Archiving System along with Automated Master Control and Automated Newsroom Products

Gainesville, FL, March 13, 2007 – Digital Broadcast, a leading producer of master control and newsroom automation products, will highlight at NAB 2007 its rapidly expanding line of broadcast products. New and legacy products will be displayed at the Digital Broadcast Booth, SU13205 in the Upper Level of the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

New to the expanding line are:

The MediaVault Archive is a mass-storage system with blue laser technology that provides up to 50 TB of media storage. The high-speed searchable index is based on file metadata. Archived material can be played at any access-granted desktop computer.

The MediaFire Safety Net is a disaster recovery system that provides complete on-air functions off-site in the event the station is unable to maintain on-air operations.

The MediaView verification recorder is a server system that provides ongoing verification of off-air feeds. Storing up to a year’s worth of off-air feeds per station, the system provides the capability of searching by date and time, scrubbing and burning material to CD or DVD. It can also provide simultaneous comparison of multiple station off-air feeds.

Digital Broadcast’s legacy products include:

The MediaFire Automated Master Control System is a full-featured master control automation system with built-in automation and direct interfaces to spot and syndicated program delivery services. Content from media delivery services moves automatically to MediaFire, fully prepped and ready for playout. A distributed IP network-based system, MediaFire automates master control from ingest to playout to reconciliation with traffic and billing. Automated record and net delay will be featured with this system. The system will be exhibited in HD as well as SD.

MediaFire Central is a centralized broadcast system in which multiple stations can be controlled and spots can be regionalized from a central site with all the advantages of MediaFire Automated Master Control.

A news automation system, the NewsBank Automated News System consolidates servers and editing functions so that news stories can be received, edited and automatically aired according to rundowns provided via MOS interfaces to newsroom computer systems. NewsBank features specialized interchanges with the major news delivery services so that stories can be edited and aired in their native digital formats. HD as well as SD will be featured.