Digitize Old Assets to Declutter and Streamline

A case study for digital asset management in the cloud.

If you’ve ever watched a show on PBS, you’ve probably watched it through one of our clients WNED-TV. Often referred to as America’s largest classroom, stage and trusted window into the world, PBS stands as one of the most prominent nonprofit broadcast stations in the nation.

Founded in 1969, with the mission to provide unique programs that were different from commercial broadcasters at the time, today PBS together with 350 member stations serve all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa.

For some, public TV is the only means for maintaining connection to the outside world. Tuning in every day could be a viewer’s only chance at learning about a national park or seeing a Broadway show. With over 90 million people tuning in to their local PBS stations a month, PBS member station WNED-TV continues to build on its mission to educate, inform, enlighten and entertain its viewers in the greater Buffalo,
New York, Ontario and Toronto, Canada area.

Here’s how we helped WNED-TV press play and set their digital assets in motion.

Challenge: Cluttered Workflow

From fast forwarding through previews to rewinding tangled filmstrips, the recording tape remains a modern marvel that undeniably changed the broadcast industry. The truth is, as the ubiquity of technology continued, the amount of money, time and space invested in building tape collections became impractical for media stations.

So what does a media station do when they’ve reached the end of an era? Stations can either mourn it or accept it and adapt.

In 2009, WNED-TV was faced with switching from analogue to digital based file delivery. Without a master control, the station now needed a system that allowed them to manage and store their digital assets. Tasked with finding a way to better organize their content, VP of Engineering and Technology, Joe Puma, sought out ways to optimize their everyday workflow.

“We had about 7,000 tapes that needed to be stored with no where to put them”

Joe Puma, VP Engineering

Solution: Digital Assets Boxed, Packed and Ready

One of WNED-TV’s most pressing needs was having a centralized location for storing their old programs that would or may not have made it to air. To facilitate this, WNED-TV needed a digital asset management solution that was not only user-friendly, but also allowed them to search millions of assets in a matter of seconds. With the breadth of their asset collection, this also meant WNED-TV would benefit from an automated DAM system that would ensure content was being saved without being supervised.

Lastly, the solution needed to allow WNED-TV to integrate third party software like ProTrack, a billing and traffic software that allows users to schedule and distribute programs to their intended channels. They needed a platform that not only allowed them to consolidate all of the roles and responsibilities that go into media distribution but also
streamlined their processes.

Result: Digital Assets Unlocked

WNED-TV selected MediaVault to help with decluttering their workflow.

With an intuitive web-based front end, the traffic department was able to rest assured knowing that all their assets were searchable and protected from malware and on-site mishaps.

“Before the tapes were just sitting there unused, now we can easily find old videos without having to rummage through files.”

Joe Puma, VP Engineering

Before, Puma said it was nearly impossible to track down old programs. WNED-TV can now locate old video files in split-seconds with the help of proprietary technology that sifts through databases. Today, five dedicated employees – spanning from the IT to traffic department – rely on MediaVault to insure WNED-TV’s old videos are readily available for air rather than lost in translation.

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