NewsBank News from Digital Broadcast Streamlines Newsroom Operations

Integrates Digital Server and Editing Functions with Newsroom Computers

Gainesville, FL, March 5, 2003 – Digital Broadcast has unveiled its Media Bank News System for use by television news operations. This powerful system gives broadcasters the ability to completely integrate and automate their news operations.

With bi-directional iNews? and MOS interfaces, Media Bank News alerts journalists of content availability and automatically reflects the newsroom rundown on the Media Bank News server. Journalists can drag-and-drop edit to build the rundown. Placeholder events are used to maintain the rundown’s integrity and automatically update when material appears on the server. Journalists can search or view Media Bank News content directly on their newsroom computers.

Media Bank News’ powerful NewsEdit software gives journalists complete DV or MPEG-2 editing capability. NewsEdit provides full tape machine-like controls, but with the advantages of random access, frame-accurate editing. With non-linear NewsEdit editing, the user can sequence, edit and adjust material in any order. Random access allows the editor to start at the beginning, middle or end as desired. Editing is non-destructive, so the source material is never altered.

The Media Bank Server allows journalist to retrieve material, edit and store their news stories from their desktop computers. A full-function server, the Media Bank is optimized for long and short format playback. With Media Bank’s integral automation, entire newscasts can be scheduled and stories aired at the push of a button.

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST, headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, offers a premier line of digital editing and automation control products for a broad range of applications within the broadcast television industry, including news editing and playback, ad insertion, infomercials/ local origination and programming. Its MediaFire and NewsBank product lines include frame-accurate, long GOP MPEG-2 and DV editing software, video servers and automated control systems.