The TCT Network Centralizes Operations with MediaFire Central

Central Site in Marion IL Controls Seven Other Stations

Gainesville, FL, February 24, 2006 – Digital Broadcast has recently centralized the broadcast operations of The TCT Network, headquartered in Marion, IL.

The central site in Marion has complete control and monitoring of the automated playout and satellite recording at the network’s stations in seven different locations. The individual stations, however, do have the ability to control the playout schedule locally, if that should become necessary.

TCT’s centralized system consists of automated ingest and playout at the central site in Marion and at the network’s remote stations. Control computers using the MediaFire Remote Client application at the central site provide control of the playout servers at those stations.

The central site system includes a MediaFire Ingest Server and a MediaFire Playout Server. The two servers provide multiple inputs and outputs and 500 hours of RAID storage. A MediaFire Prep Station enables MPEG2 frame-accurate cutting and trimming of ingested material. The servers are networked together and with the traffic and billing system. The integral MediaFire Automation is interfaced to the traffic and billing system and provides automated airing of the traffic-provided playout schedules as well as control of the station’s switcher.

Systems at each station consist of a MediaFire Server with ingest and playout capability as well as RAID storage. MediaFire Automation provides automated playout from these servers as well as switcher control.

At both the central site and the individual stations, material can be ingested from tape or from satellite into the server. Media Bank’s Automated Scheduled Record feature allows the scheduling of automatic recording of satellite feeds. Material can be trimmed or segmented as needed using MediaFire’s Segmenter MPEG-2 Trim Software.

Founded in1977, TCT was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization for the purpose of broadcasting Christian television. Headquartered in Marion, IL, the TCT Network broadcasts to over 30 million people in the U.S. and Canada. It has expanded its broadcast coverage to over 170 countries throughout the world.

About Digital Broadcast

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