WGCL-TV Secures On-Air Presence with SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System

System Provides Complete Playout Capability at WGCL-TV Transmitter Site

Gainesville, FL, September 8, 2006 – WGCL-TV in Atlanta has completed installation of Digital Broadcast’s SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System, thus securing its ability to remain on air in the event an emergency disables operations at the station.

The SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System provides WGCL-TV with the ability to broadcast directly from their transmitter site in the event the station site becomes inoperable as a result of emergency situations such as storms, communications interruptions, mandatory evacuations, etc. WGCL’s SafetyNet provides automated master control functions at the transmitter and enables control of the playout from a portable computer located at a completely different site.

A Communications Computer located at the station communicates with Digital Broadcast’s Disaster Recovery Server located at the transmitter. Initially, the server at the transmitter was loaded with the station’s commercial inventory. Thereafter, the Communications Computer at the station regularly updates the Disaster Recovery System with new content over the network. MediaFire Remote Client provides complete control of the Disaster Recovery System from a different location.

In the event the station site is disabled, the WGCL schedule plays automatically from the Disaster Recovery System. The playout schedule can be loaded from traffic or from the Remote Client. The Remote Client can also edit the schedule as well as control a switcher and a server.

An additional benefit of Digital Broadcast’s SafetyNet is that it provides off-site, backup storage of WGCL-TV’s commercial inventory. In the event of a loss of inventory on the station’s resident server, lost material can be retrieved from the Disaster Recovery Server.


WGCL-TV is owned by Meredith Broadcasting, a division of Meredith Corporation. A CBS affiliate, it operates as Channel 46 in Atlanta.

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