News Bank


Integrate your Newsroom Into One Streamlined Operation


  • Consolidates digital server and editing functions with your news production system
  • MOS interface to:
    • AP ENPS
    • Avid iNews
    • Comprompter
    • Autocue
  • Auto repurpose for mobile delivery
  • Native digital interchange with network news delivery services
  • Supports editing systems:
    • Adobe
    • GVG
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Edius, Sony
    • Avid
  • Sophisticated asset management

Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank Automated Newsroom system provides complete integration of its powerful server and automation technology, editing functions and news production systems to give you a totally integrated news/production environment, saving your journalists valuable time and giving your newscasts a flawless presentation.

NewsBank’s bi-directional MOS interface streamlines the communication with your news production system including AP/ENPS, iNEWS, Comprompter or Autocue and others. It provides as well a native digital interchange with network news delivery services including, Pathfire, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN.

Integrate and Automate Newsroom Operations

With its complete bi-directional MOS interface, NewsBank News alerts journalists of content availability and automatically reflects the newsroom rundown on the NewsBank Server. Journalists can drag-and-drop content to build the rundown. Placeholder events are used to maintain the rundown’s integrity and automatically update when material appears on the NewsBank Server. The convenience of NewsBank allows journalists to search or view NewsBank content directly on their newsroom computers.

NewsBank’s feature-rich software allows newsrooms to run more efficiently and intuitively than ever before. Build and edit the rundown on your AP, iNEWS, Autocue or Comprompter system. Watch the rundown automatically update on the NewsBank News Server.

NewsBank’s interfaces with network news delivery services provide direct transfers of files over a network directly to the NewsBank Servers where the files may be edited in their native MPEG-2 format and sent directly to air, never suffering the degradation of converting to and from baseband.

NewsBank Diagram

Store News Clips and Schedule Newscast Playback

The NewsBank Server allows journalists to retrieve material, edit and store news stories from desktop computers. With NewsBank’s integral automation, you can schedule an entire newscast and air stories instantaneously at the push of a button. Last second changes and triggers are straight-forward and easy to make.

NewsBank Edit Workstations Support DV, MPEG-2 and HD Editing

Digital Broadcast’s NewsEdit system allows you to select the craft editor that best fits your needs and handles High Definition as well as MPEG-2 and DV material. Current editors compatible with the NewsEdit include Canopus Edius, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Sony and GVG and more.

Interfaces with Camera Hard Drives and Memory Cards

NewsEdit Workstations interface with the new camera hard drives through IEEE 1394 firewire, Ethernet or USB port. You can bring your live shots directly from the camera into the editor for immediate story preparation.

Archive on Digital Broadcast’s MediaVault

When coupled with Digital Broadcast’s MediaVault, NewsBank enables you to archive news stories and scripts, which can be quickly searched and retrieved from your newsroom system.

Auto Repurpose for Mobile Delivery

NewsBank automatically repurposes your news clips for delivery to mobile devices.


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