Who is Digital Broadcast?

DBI was founded by a group of broadcast industry veterans who brought years of experience to the company. Their mission was to develop full-featured, but affordable products for a television industry that has been impacted in recent years by economic and security concerns, ever-sharpening competition, and major transformations in broadcast technology.

Underlying the founding principles is the realization that more and more television stations are becoming computer networks, which provide huge conveniences of transferring and sharing data, random access of A/V material, minimization of equipment space requirements and vast savings on mechanical equipment repair.

At the same time, these station computer networks require new, and sometimes confusing, procedures and adjustments to new ways of operating. As well, it was recognized that many products currently offered to the industry were developed based on previous, outdated technologies and procedures. These products have had to be revised and retooled to fit into the new networked computer technologies. As a result, they are not able to fully take advantage of many of the new digital technologies and must instead try to adapt to them rather than embrace them.

We have a team of specialists in both broadcast and computer technology, and offices in MS, CA, TX, NC, SC, and TN.  For over 18 years we have focused on products that integrate both fields into a single, powerful product line that offers an amazing variety of features, but at affordable prices that avoid heavy financial burdens on the television station. This is the goal. This is the reality.