Media VeriFire

FCC compliance


VeriFire provides full TR 101 290 compliance monitoring. In addition, VeriFire provides the ability to set warning and error levels and configure email and SNMP notifications.

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Verify that billable

material air correctly

Web-based interface control is accessible from any machine on the network. The interface allows previewing proxy based on time and day, segmenting content and restoring in high resolution, as well as generating email proxies. No second guessing, the verification recorder allows for complete control over media.

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Alert operator for

on-air issues

The modular multiviewer and error detection system ensures that the correct alerts and feeds reach the correct operator. VeriFire also allows for monitoring and error detection of sister stations.

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Capture full bandwidth

and proxy streams

The ability to capture the stream in full bandwidth allows for a multitude of uses for recorded content. VeriFire also generates low bandwidth proxy, which may be used for internet streaming, or used for confidence monitoring. VeriFire offers a scalable storage capacity to accommodate growth needs.

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Search by


Search recorded content comprehensively with closed captioning, or by date and time. Verifier seamlessly interfaces with DBI’s ediaVault MAM/Archival system to further harness the power of metadata with AI, OCR, speech-to-text, and other advanced technologies.

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