MediFire baseband

Future ready technology

Offered as baseband or IP that is ATSC 3.0 ready, MediaFire is the building block solution that will guide you through the evolution of OTA,OTT, and beyond

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Streamline and save time with automation

MediaFire fully automates your master control from ingest and playout to media asset management and content sharing

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Modular architecture accommodates growth

Services and channels are modular and can be expanded to accommodate your station`s current needs and future growth.

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Control and monitor your facility remotely

DBi places control and monitoring right at the operator’s fingertips, whether working at the office or connecting from home. The screen layout is configurable and can be saved in different templates

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Play native content

Maintain original quality by playing content in its native format. Also, reduce processing time by eliminating the need for transcoding.

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