Three New Exciting Technologies We’re Showing At NAB

GAINESVILLE, FL, February, 19, 2014 – DBI Digital Broadcast announced today it will be showing 4K, as well as HD, SD, mobile and web delivery with their MediaFire Automated Master Control systems in their booth N605 at NAB 2014.  MediaFire is available as baseband, IP or Hybrid.  The IP system is a cost effective turnkey, from ingest to delivery to the transmitter and cable, including graphics and monitoring.

Also featured will be the NewsBank Automated Newsroom System that consolidates servers and editing functions so that news stories can be ingested, edited and automatically aired. MOS interfaces with the major news delivery services make airing from a dynamic rundown simple. 

DBI’s MediaVault Archive System will be featured as well.  This system offers RAID, Blu-ray, and/or LTO tape for economical mass storage of broadcast media.  It offers advanced search features from a desktop, editor or workstation.  New this year is MediaVault’s cloud storage capability for off-site backup and shared access.

DBI MediaVault Sharing unites the stations in a group with a cache containing databases, thumbnails, browsers, scripts and rundowns as well as the full bandwidth material that can be searched and filtered according to station, keyword, date, etc.  When a breaking news story occurs that all the stations want, it can be distributed simultaneously over the cloud to all stations in a single step. 

Also featured with the MediaFire systems will be the SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System to keep maintain on-air operations with remote control and/or remote backup systems.

Spot Commander, a web-based system for transferring spots directly from an advertising client to a station will be demonstrated.  With this system, spots are automatically formatted, audio normalized and ready to air.

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