Introducing the MediaView ASI Verification Recorder

The System Automatically Records Full-Bandwidth Off-Air Signals

GAINESVILLE, FL, October 8, 2015 – DBi Digital Broadcast announced today it is delivering its new MediaView ASI Verification Recorder. Recording as ASI, the system creates an exact replica of the broadcast signal that is sent over the air. This affords precise verification of a station’s aired material and provides FCC compliance monitoring.

With MediaView ASI Verification Recorder, the entire broadcast signal is preserved – all video, all audio, and all ancillary data is preserved and untouched. If questions arise regarding what the station aired, the broadcaster can use MediaView to review an exact copy of what was previously aired. This is in contrast to baseband recording which involves processing that can affect the quality of video, the audio and audio levels, and can capture only selective ancillary data.

The MediaView ASI Verification Recorder records a single ASI input to disk and generates proxy streams to record to disk (based on the number of programs in the ASI signal). The system analyzes the MPEG transport stream contained in the ASI and processes for TR 101 290 errors. Errors are displayed on the MediaView user interface and logged into a database for longer-term storage.

MediaView ASI has a multiviewer output via HDMI and can additionally direct the proxy streams to an external IP multiviewer. The system also has a web interface for users to interact with the system. Through the web interface, users can review recorded media by selecting date and time. Users preview the proxy video and can mark-in / mark-out select a section of the video they are reviewing. Users can either save the high-resolution selection to a network share for repurposing of content, or they can attach the proxy selection to an email. Additionally, users can play back the high resolution ASI to external equipment via MediaView’s ASI output port.

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