DBI Helps Upgrade DC Station WJLA

Digital Broadcast NewsBank to Implement WJLA Newswheel

Gainesville, FL, April 8, 2010 – Digital Broadcast, a leading producer of master control and newsroom automation products, has announced the upcoming installation of its NewsBank Automated Newsroom System at Allbritton Communications station WJLA/NewsChannel 8 in Arlington, Virginia.

Digital Broadcast was selected to provide the Zoned Newswheel and Archive System for WJLA NewsChannel 8. The automated news system will have the ability to allow each of the station’s editors and producers to develop their stories and prepare the news packages for delivery to air. The Zoned Newswheel system will provide the ability to capture breaking news, archive stories and operate three “Wheels” concurrently under ENPS MOS interface. Ingest of material can be accomplished from existing editing systems as well as other sources such as the WJLA FTP site, digital delivery systems and legacy material with automatic internal transcoding when necessary. This allows for a streamlined approach allowing content to be utilized by the Digital Broadcast system.

“We are truly excited to work in collaboration with Mark Olingy, Director of Operations and Engineering, Ernie Ensign, Director of News Operations and Tom Hormuth Director of Systems’ Integration to provide a news and archive solution to the NewsChannel 8 needs,” says John Davis, CEO of Digital Broadcast. “We are able to take our proven system and provide the building blocks to fit the NewsChannel 8 Newswheel needs.”

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST offers a premier line of broadcast program and news automation control products including master control automation, newsroom automation, automated media delivery transference, on-air verification, disaster recovery, archiving, and broadcast centralization. Digital Broadcast products feature totally integrated hardware and software and interfaces to the full range of existing station equipment and services. Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Digital Broadcast maintains U.S. regional office for the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast as well as a regional office for Latin America and The Caribbean.

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