Showcasing Spot Commander and DBI MediaVault Sharing at NAB 2013

GAINESVILLE, FL, March 14, 2013– Digital Broadcast announced today it will be introducing its new DBI MediaVault Sharing product in its booth #N6725 at NAB 2013.  DBI MediaVault Sharing provides seamless sharing of archived material across multiple stations – even when the stations use different archive brands.

DBI MediaVault Sharing unites the stations in a group with a cache containing databases, thumbnails, browsers, scripts and rundowns as well as the full bandwidth material that can be searched and filtered according to station, keyword, date, etc.   When the desired material is located in the archive of a sister station, it can be pulled along with the accompanying metadata for editing, airing and/or archiving locally.  The operator can opt to do a partial restore by defining in and out points and pulling over just the part of the material desired.  When a breaking news story occurs that all the stations want, it can be distributed simultaneously over the cloud to all stations in a single step.

Also featured at the 2013 NAB show will be Digital Broadcast’s  Spot Commander, a web-based system for transferring spots directly from an advertising client to a station.  The spots are automatically formatted, audio normalized and ready to air.  The product earned a TV Technology Star Award for Superior Technology at last year’s NAB show.

Spot Commander provides complete processing and transferring of local FTP spots from outside advertisers to a television station, ready for playout, thus freeing station personnel from the time and labor of preparing and correcting local advertisers’ ads for playout.

Station advertising clients submit ads via a Digital Broadcast submission website, mark the conversion look, and Spot Commander does the rest.   Using station-defined parameters Spot Commander corrects file errors.  Any irreparable or corrupt files are emailed back to the client for revision and resubmittal.  Once the file passes Spot Commander’s Video Analyzer, it is converted to the station’s format preference for play out.  At the same time, audio is automatically is normalized.

Digital Broadcast will also be showcasing its enhanced line of master control, news and archiving products at the show.

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