Media Vault “Cube” Joins Archive Product Line

GAINESVILLE, FL, October 24, 2011 – Digital Broadcast announced today the addition of its MediaVault CUBE, a highly reliable cost-effective Blu-ray archive system, to its line of archive products.  Veterans in the industry, Digital Broadcast designed this turn-key solution specifically for the broadcast market, including production, news and master control operations.

The MediaVault Cube is a stand-alone solution for mass archiving of any format of broadcast media files. The scalable system consists of a RAID 6 cache housing a high-speed search engine along with powerful data asset management and proxy software.  Coupled with the cache is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Blu-ray library which, along with the cache, provides on-line and near-line access of archived material.  Convenient and easily-accessed offline storage is provided by the “Cube”, a sturdy storage rack that houses 12 magazines capable of holding up to 420 Blu-ray media, or a total of 43TB.

The only Blu-ray system of its kind, the MediaVault Cube easily addresses the archiving needs of broadcast production facilities.  The system stores any format in its native format for easy playback.  It features a high speed transfer rate of 160 megabits per second and stores finished material as well as project metadata.  An intuitive web GUI provides easy searching and sharing of content.  Archived material can be browsed by date, keyword or text.

With Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank News System, script, video and rundown information is archived to the MediaVault.  An index is created when the media is loaded. Content can be browsed in the station’s NRCS, whether it is AP/ENPS® or Avid iNEWS®.  Utilizing the metadata contained in each video file, the MediaVault offers amazingly high-speed and straightforward search capability of even huge indexes of stored files.  Searched video files can previewed on newsroom desktop computers and content can be shared across the group.

With post-production applications, the automatic retrieval of material from the MediaVault is seamless.  Powerful asset management software automatically archives material based on user-defined rules  For Avid users, MediaVault gives operators the ability to directly archive and access material produced on Avid workstations.

MediaVault Blu-ray Cube uses blue laser optical technology with extremely high performance and data density. Blu-ray disks have an estimated life span of 50 years.  Blu-ray can archive massive amounts of HD as well as SD material.

About Digital Broadcast

DIGITAL BROADCAST offers a premier line of broadcast program and news automation control products including master control automation, newsroom automation, automated media delivery transference, on-air verification, disaster recovery, archiving, and broadcast centralization. Digital Broadcast products feature totally integrated hardware and software and interfaces to the full range of existing station equipment and services.  Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, Digital Broadcast maintains U.S. regional offices for the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast as well as a regional office for Latin America and The Caribbean.

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