WXXV Launches Local News with DBI NewsBank

GAINESVILLE, FL, September 30, 2013 – WXXV-TV, the Morris Network FOX and NBC affiliate in Gulfport, Mississippi, has added local news to its lineup using DBI’s NewsBank Automated News System.

Citing the desire to grow the station, which currently broadcasts FOX and NBC network programming, to include news, WXXV began airing two daily local newscasts today. Already using DBI’s MediaFire IP System for its master control operations, WXXV elected to use DBI’s NewsBank News System for this new project.

DBI’s NewsBank Automated Newsroom system provides WXXV with a bi-directional MOS interface that facilitates communication with WXXV’s ENPS newsroom computer system.  NewsBank  provides a native digital interchange with WXXV’s network news delivery services to allow transfers of files over a network directly to the NewsBank Servers. 

NewsBank’s networked system provides a complete editing workflow that streamlines the news- gathering-to-air process.  NewsBank allows WXXV’s journalists to retrieve material, edit and store news stories at their desktop computers, provided with the system.  Additionally, DBI provided two field editors so that stories can be captured and edited remotely before transferring to the station.  Although NewsBank accommodates most craft editors, Adobe Premiere CS6© editors were selected by WXXV and included as part of the NewsBank turnkey solution. 

With NewsBank, operators are able to schedule and air newscasts instantaneously at the push of a button.  Last second changes and triggers are made from ENPS and reflected immediately on the NewsBank playout schedule.

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