MediaFire Automated Master Control – encoding, storage and random access streaming of digitally compressed content for television news and programming. Offered features include:

  • MediaFire Master Control Automation – seamless on-air playout of long and short form media. Automatically receive and air syndicated programming and spots from media delivery services.
  • MediaFire Automated Scheduled Record (ASR) – automatic recording of satellite and other inputs with high-end multistream audio/video recording.
  • MediaFire Segmenter – effortless and frame-accurate trimming and segmenting of MPEG-2 files received from satellite or other sources.
  • MediaFire Remote Client – controls from one to any number of video servers from a remote control site.
  • MediaFire Asset Management – automatically transfers media to the playout server as required and removes it from inventory when it becomes outdated.

MediaFire Baseband – Automates an entire master control operation from ingest through playout through reconciliation. It is able to encode and decode in real time multiple file types.

MediaFire IP – Automated master control that provides direct ingest from satellite receivers and the ability to splice multicast feeds to cable, transmitters or uplinks.

DBi Conforming Engine – transcodes A/V formats from outside sources, including an FTP server, to Digital Broadcast’s MediaFire Automated Master Control for playout. It controls the program bitrate and audio normalization for maximum on air performance.

DBi Ingest Gateway – provides automatic multichannel ingest with browser-based interface for news or master control.

IP MultiViewer – high resolution monitoring of multiple outputs simultaneously at a single screen.

IP Graphics Engine – create unique IP MPEG2 or MPEG4 multilayer overlay graphics and import virtually any graphics format.

NewsBank Automated Newsroom – Integration of server, automation, editing and news production for a seamless news environment

MediaVault Archive – A total solution of online, nearline and offline archiving for News, Master Control and Production operations. Models include:

Archive Sharing – provides effortless sharing of archived material across multiple stations – even when the stations use alternative archives.

Media VeriFire – an ASI analyzer & recorder that verifies a station’s aired material and provides FCC compliance monitoring.

SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System – maintain complete broadcast operations off-site if the station is disabled. Also serves as a backup of a station’s content and logs.