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MediaVault is a stand-alone solution for mass archiving of any format of broadcast media files. Utilizing the metadata contained in each video file, the MediaVault offers amazingly high-speed and straightforward search capability of even huge indexes of stored files. Searched files can be clicked and played on desktop computers and content can be shared across the group.

MediaVault offers three levels of archive cache: on line, near line and off line. It is an ideal archiving solution for news, post production and master control..

MediaVault Blu-Ray Jukebox

  • Blu-Ray Optical Disk capacity up to 50GB
  • Vault can hold up to 690 disks
  • Read/Write or Read Only disks available
  • Archive HD as well as SD material
  • Media life greater than 50 years
  • Includes spinning disk RAID6 cache

MediaVault LTO Tape Archive

  • LTO Tape Library capacities ranging from 38.4 Terabytes to 56 Petabytes
  • Models available ranging from 48 to 70,000 tape cartridge capacity
  • Archive HD as well as SD material
  • Hot swappable drives, redundant power supplies and fans
  • Includes spinning disk RAID6 cache

MediaVault RAID 6 Spinning Disk

  • Ultra-safe RAID 6 storage
  • Blu-ray drive for removable storage
  • Stores metadata with video files
  • Includes high speed browser

MediaVault for News

  • iNEWS and AP interfaces
  • Stores thumbnail, browser, script, rundown and full bandwidth
  • Index is created when media is loaded
  • All metadata is searchable
  • Rules-based News Management software
  • Preview on desktop

MediaVault for Post Production

  • Intuitive GUI for easy searching and sharing
  • High speed transfer rate of 160 megabits per second
  • Records video exactly as originally recorded
  • Stores project finished material as well as metadata

MediaVault for Master Control

  • Quick, powerful search capability
  • Asset Management Software:
  • Automatically archives based on rules
  • Automatically recalls based on traffic requirements
  • Click and play on the desktop

Printable brochure – MediaVault for News

Printable brochure – MediaVault for Production

Printable Brochure – DBi Archive Sharing

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